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Three-time Derringer Award and three-time Agatha Award nominee
for Best Short Story, Amazon bestselling historical novelist, author of the
Bruce Kohler Mysteries, editor of anthologies Where Crime Never Sleeps and
Me Too Short Stories

The latest from Liz: Liz's new anthology, Me Too Short Stories ("crimes against women, tales of retribution and healing"), will be out in September.

Advance praise from bestselling authors:

"Elizabeth Zelvin has put together a strong collection that reminds us how the daily lives of women can be affected. The characters in these stories will challenge, surprise, and inspire you." - Alafair Burke

"A soul-satisfying anthology of justice and revenge, expertly edited by Elizabeth Zelvin." - Jenny Milchman

"This anthology is a treasure. Empowering, inspirational, and sometimes wickedly funny." - Hank Phillippi Ryan

Liz's story, "A Work in Progress," appears in the May/June 2019 issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. Her new historical mystery, "A Unicorn in the Harem," is in Black Cat Mystery Magazine #5.

Liz was interviewed about her work and her journey as a writer on The Writer's Dream, hosted by mystery author Linda Frank on LTV in the Hamptons and eastern Long Island.

Together for the first time: The Bruce Kohler mystery series in a unified e-edition. Death Will Get You Sober and three more novels, a novella, and five previously published mystery stories featuring recovering alcoholic Bruce Kohler (a New Yorker with a smart mouth and an ill-concealed heart of gold), world-class codependent Barbara (addicted to helping and minding other people's business), and terminal geek Jimmy (won't come out from behind his computer for anything less than murder).

The Mendoza Family Saga includes Liz's two historical novels, Voyage of Strangers and its sequel, Journey of Strangers. Voyage tells the story of the second voyage of Columbus and the destruction of the Taino through the eyes of young Jewish sailor Diego Mendoza and his sister Rachel. Journey follows Diego and Rachel back to Europe and beyond and introduces a new heroine, Joanna, a Jewish girl torn from her home in Lisbon and sent as a slave to the Isle of Crocodiles. While she struggles to survive, Rachel seeks purpose in the Sultan's harem and Diego in the uncharted waters along the African coast. In paperback and e-book formats. Mendoza Family short stories include "The Green Cross," "A Disturbance in the Harem," "A Unicorn in the Harem," and more to come.

Breaches & Betrayals: Collected Stories is a new e-collection that brings Liz's best non-series short crime fiction from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, e-zines Mysterical-E, Beat to A Pulp, and Dark Valentine, and Wolfmont anthology Murder to Mil-Spec together for the first time.

Don't miss Death Will Pay Your Debts, the book-length Bruce Kohler mystery in which Jimmy runs into money trouble just when Barbara, about to turn forty, is ready for a wedding and a baby. When Jimmy's Debtors Anonymous sponsor gets murdered, Barbara becomes a suspect. In the meantime, Bruce's girlfriend Cindy's new position as a homicide detective conflicts with Bruce's determination to protect his friends and find the real killer.

Reviewers called it "a laugh-out-loud, profoundly compassionate page-turner," "delivering laughs along with a solid mystery." "[The] characters and their surroundings come to life as they sleuth their way through another dangerous mystery."

Liz's short story, "A Breach of Trust," was listed among the "Other Distinguished Mystery Stories of 2014" in Otto Penzler's Best American Mystery Stories 2014, guest editor, Laura Lippman, making it one of the year's top fifty mystery short stories. I'm in august company and proud to be included.

Readers seem to be enjoying Voyage of Strangers. Readers can choose the e-edition, trade paperback, or audiobook.

Book blogger Stephanie M. Hopkins on Layered Pages called Voyage of Strangers "an amazing read...entertaining and exciting."

The Historical Novel Society called Rachel Mendoza of Voyage of Strangers "an enchanting protagonist, courageous, outspoken, and wise beyond her years" and says that the book itself offers "captivating fictionalized depiction of the Spanish conquest of Hispaniola [and] a vibrant and well-researched picture of Spain....The rich historical setting and the engaging Mendoza siblings combine with Zelvin's writing skills to make this a most enjoyable and thought-provoking read."

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine called the book "engaging and well researched."

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