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Where to Buy in 2019-2020

Me Too Short Stories: An Anthology is available at Amazon in paperback and e-book formats. Check other online booksellers as well. Retailers and libraries can order from the publisher, Level Best Books, or via the usual distributors.

The publishing industry and how people read has changed dramatically since my first short story was published in 2007 and my first novel in 2008. It continues to change rapidly and sometimes unexpectedly.

The only place you can find ALL my fiction is on Amazon. You can locate it all by putting "Elizabeth Zelvin" in the Amazon search box or going to Amazon's Elizabeth Zelvin Page. This does not mean that it is self-published.

All my books and many of my stories are available as e-books for Kindle. You don't need to own a Kindle to read them. You can download a Kindle app for free on any Amazon e-book page.

The first three Bruce Kohler mysteries are out of print in hardcover. If you buy them second hand, I won't get paid. Bookstores will not stock them. Libraries will not order them. Airport bookstores and big box stores never carried them. If you meet me in person, I will be happy to sell you a copy of any or all of them.

The paperback editions of the Mendoza Family Saga novels are available on Amazon. Bookstores and libraries do not carry them. This is an industry decision, not the author's.

I love the characters I have created, and I want as many readers as possible to know and love them too. The later Bruce novels were published only in e-book form. I wish the paperback sales figures reflected the number of people who have said to me that they still prefer to read a book in print and don't like e-books. The only way to keep print books coming is to buy them.

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