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Malice Domestic 2013, Bethesda, MD
May 3-5, 2013
With Steve Steinbock
With Rhys Bowen
Ilene Schneider & Catriona McPherson
Krista Davis & G.M. Malliet
Malice 25 honoree panel - Verena Rose, Aaron Elkins, Carolyn Hart, Felix Francis, Laurie King, Peter Robinson, Laura Lippman
Neil Plakcy & Karna Small Bodman
With blog brothers Dale Andrews, David Dean, R.T. Lawton at EQMM Edgars party in NY
With Julia Pomeroy and Lee Mims
With Kaye Barley
With Krista Davis, Roberta Isleib
With Mary Saums
With Norma Huss & Sheila Connolly
With Peg Cochran, Janet Bolin, Stephanie Jaye Evans, Laura Morrigan
Gigi Pandian interviews Aaron Elkins
Malice Domestic 2012, Bethesda, MD
April 27-29, 2012
With Avery Aames (Daryl Wood Gerber) and Krista Davis
Agatha winner Leslie Budewitz with teapot
With blogger Kaye Barley
With Agatha winner Dana Cameron
Cathi Stoler and G.M. Malliet
Agatha winner Sara J. Henry
With Janet Bolin
With Sasscer Hill
With Ruth McCarty
Elena Santangelo, Michael Trollip (Michael Stanley), Caroline Todd (Charles Todd), John Curran, and Robin Hathaway say "Fromage!"
With Rochelle Staab, Janet Bolin, and Krista Davis
With Beth Groundwater and Leslie Budewitz
With Maggie Toussaint
With Gigi Pandian and Kaye George
Sandy Parshall and Mike Befeler, the Geezer Lit guy

With Avery Aames, Kaye Barley, and Krista Davis

Malice Domestic 2011, Bethesda, MD
April 29-May 1, 2011
With Mary Jane Maffini
With fellow Agatha nominees Dana Cameron, Barb Goffman, & Sheila Connolly
With fellow Guppies Jeri Westerson, Marilyn Levinson, Gloria Alden, & Kaye George
With Janet Rudolph & Louise Penny
With Julie Hyzy
With Rhys Bowen
With Sasscer Hill & Julie Smith
With Krista Davis
With Sheila Connolly
With E.J. Copperman & Cheryl Solimini
With Jack Bludis
With Steve Steinbock
With Deb Sharp
Agatha winner Avery Aames
Agatha winner Mary Jane Maffini
With Chris Grabenstein
With B.K. Stevens
With Joelle Charbonneau & Meredith Cole
With Janet Bolin
With Cathi Stoler
With Robin Hathaway
With Marcia Talley
With Andrea Penrose
With Ilene Schneider
MWA Anthology Launch at the Mysterious Bookshop
New York, April 26, 2011
With Cornelia Read & Karen Catalona
With Otto Penzler & Persia Walker
With Jonathan Santlofer & daughter
With Angela Zeman
With Twist Phelan
Charles Todd & Meredith Anthony
With Michael Connelly
With Nelson DeMille
With Alafair Burke
Laura Lippman & munchkin
Walker/Larson Book Launch at the Mysterious Bookshop
April 5, 2011
With Persia Walker
With Rosemary Harris
Nathan Larson
Johnny Temple
Catherine Maiorisi & Persia Walker
Troy Johnson & Persia Walker
Gammy Singer
Miki Hayden & Irene Marcuse
Megan Abbott
Authors Night at the East Hampton Library
With Andrew Gross & Stefanie Pintoff
With David Carkeet
With Chris Knopf
With Lorenzo Carcaterra
With E.J. Wagner
With Boris Riskin
With Gail Sheehy
With Real Housewives star Jill Zarin
With poet Philip Schultz
Mayhem at Bookhampton 2010
With Nan Higginson & Irene Fleming
With Susan Isaacs
With David Carkeet
With Nan Higginson
The Dark End of the Street Anthology Launch
Center for Fiction, New York
With Jonathan Santlofer & SJ Rozan
With Lawrence Block
With Lee Child
With Abraham Rodriguez, Jr
SJ Rozan, Jonathan Santlofer, & James Grady
Malice Domestic and the Agathas
April 30 - May 2, 2010
With Louise Penny, Meredith Cole, & Stefanie Pintoff
With Rhys Bowen & Hank Phillippi Ryan
With Elena Santangelo
With Margaret Maron
With Nancy Pickard
With Lisa Bork
With Barb Goffman
With Austin Camacho & Barbara D'Amato
With Irene Fleming
With Krista Davis & Beth Groundwater
With Margaret Fenton
With Cheryl Solimini & Elizabeth Spann Craig
With Sheila York
With Mary Saums
With Carolyn Hart, Hank Ryan, & Kaye George
With Beth Groundwater
With Jack Bludis
MWA launch at the Mysterious Bookshop, New York
April 27, 2010
With Annette & Martin Meyers
With Dana Cameron, Toni Kelner, and S. W. Hubbard
With Parnell Hall
With Charles Todd
With Lawrence Light
With Meredith Anthony
Otto Penzler
With Angela Zeman
Murder 203, Easton, CT
With Jonathan Santlofer, Hank Phillippi Ryan, & Steven Torres
With Robin Hathaway, JK Stanley, & Sarah Weinman
Virginia Festival of the Book, Charlottesville, VA
With Julia Spencer-Fleming, Meredith Cole, Tom Lowe, & Krista Davis
With Austin Camacho, Krista Davis, & Ross Pennie
With Krista Davis
With Brad Parks
With Nancy Martin
American Library Association Midwinter Meeting Boston, MA
Sisters in Crime Toni Kelner, Rosemary Harris, Leslie Wheeler, Sheila Connolly, Liz Zelvin, Clea Simon, Hallie Ephron, Vinny O'Neil, Robin Burcell

Scene of the crime: Jane Cleland, Liz Zelvin, & Rosemary Harris play dead


Touring in North Carolina, November 2009
With Maggie Bishop
With Diana Black
With Suzanne Adair
With Pat Meller & Chris Roerden
Author's Day in Greensboro, 5th grade
With young readers
On the road

One of the guys in Boone


Launch party for Death Will Help You Leave Him at Partners & Crime, New York

Liz with husband Brian
Liz with son Alex
With friends from junior high
Bouchercon, Indianapolis, IN October 14-18, 2009
With panelists Margaret Fenton, Lois Greiman, Roberta Isleib
With Jeri Westerson & Louise Penny
With Liza Cody
With Herschel Cozine, John Floyd, Austin Camacho
With Irene Fleming, Jeri Westerson, Avery Aames
With Caryn St Clair & MJ Maffini
Mary Jane Maffini
Sara Paretsky
Kaye Barley, Vicki Lane, Sandra Parshall
Sharing A Laugh With J Saunders
Sharing a laugh
With backpacker guitar
With J. Saunders Elmore on harmonica
Launch party at Canio's, Sag Harbor, NY
With debut author Annamaria Alfieri
With Tim McLoughlin of Brooklyn Noir
Killer Nashville, August 2009
With Lee Lofland
With Sarah & Chester Campbell
With Margaret Fenton
With Beth Terrell
With Linda Black
With TBI Special Agent Dan Royse
J.A. Jance with guitar
Singing Long Black Veil
Vince Gill at the Grand Ole Opry
Library Panel, Niles, IL July 2009
With Rosemary Harris, Barbara D'Amato, Jane Cleland, & Meredith Cole
Deadly Ink, Parsippany, NJ June 2009
With David nominated book
With G.M. Malliet and Rosemary Harris
With Paula Matter
MAYhem at BookHampton
With Susan Isaacs
Andrew Gross, Stefanie Pintoff, Linda Fairstein
Carol Higgins Clark
Cynthia Baxter
Vincent Lardo & Evelyn David
Carole Gaunt
Meredith Cole
Helen Barer
Malice Domestic
May 1-3, 2009
Anne Perry
With Luci Zahray, the Poison Lady, and PJ Coldren
With Pari Noskin Taichert
With Carolyn Hart
With Clea Simon
With Doris Ann Norris, the 2000-year-old librarian
With Joanna Campbell Slan
Sarah Atwell & Gigi Pandian
Hank Philippi Ryan, Maria Hudgins, & Teresa Inge
June Shaw & Krista Davis
With Janet Bolin
MWA Agents & Editors Party
April 29, 2009
Mary Higgins Clark & Julie Kramer, Julie Salzano in bkgrd
With Caroline Todd, aka Charles Todd
The Nevermores, Partners & Crime
April 29, 2009
In the audience: SJ Rozan, Con Lehane, Larry Light & Meredith Anthony, agent Janet Reid, bookseller Kizmin Reeves, and two unidentified ladies
MWA Anthology Launch at Mysterious Bookshop
April 28, 2009
With Anita Page
With Edgar nominee Frankie Bailey
With Julie Kramer
With Linda Fairstein
With Con Lehane & Larry Light
With Joe Guglielmelli & Bonnie Claeson
With Kate Gallison & Angela Zeman
With Persia Walker

A Murderous Weekend in Alabama
Murder in the Magic City & Murder on the Menu, February 7-8, 2009

Front: Terry Griffin, Deborah Sharp, Vincent O'Neil, Liz, Mary Jane Maffini, Peggy Ehrhart; Rear: Deborah Crombie, Jennie Bentley, Vicki Lane, William Kent Krueger, Meredith Anthony, Maggie Toussaint, Larry Light, Peggy Webb, Carla Neggers; Missing: Cara Black
With fellow panelists Jennie Bentley, Maggie Toussaint, & Mary Jane Maffini
With Vincent H. O'Neil
With William Kent Krueger
Legendary editor Ruth Cavin's 90th birthday party at St Martin's/Thomas Dunne Books
Ruth Cavin
With Ruth Cavin
With Ruth & Nora Cavin
Ruth Cavin & publisher Thomas Dunne
Ruth Cavin & Thomas Dunne
Schmoozing with Steve Hamilton & Ruth Cavin

Bouchercon 2008, Baltimore, MD

With Shane Gericke & Kaye Barley
With Rhys Bowen, Mary Saums, Nancy Martin, Stefanie Pintoff, & Kate Gallison
With Sandra Parshall
With Sheila Connolly
With Ali Karim, Michelle Gagnon, Ken Bruen, Jason Starr, & Con Lehane
With Jeri Westerson
Shane Gericke & Robert Fate
Guests of Honor Laura Lippman & Lawrence Block
Meredith Cole & Sasscer Hill
Kaye Barley
A fan moment with Caryn St. Clair
With Con Lehane
Peggy Ehrhart's Launch: A different kind of party
Peggy plays the blues
Dancing to "Honky Tonk"
Robin Hathaway enjoys the music
MWA and SinC at New England Independent Booksellers Association Boston, September 20, 2008
Guppies at NEIBA: With Hank Phillippi Ryan, Judy Copek, Sheila Connolly, Meredith Cole
With Hank Phillippi Ryan and Sheila Connolly (aka Sarah Atwell)
With Jane Cleland, Judy Copek, Toni Kelner, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Meredith Cole, Sheila Connolly; back: Sibylle Barrasso, Rosemary Harris, Dana Cameron
First launch of the Fall 2008 season at the Mysterious Bookshop
With Jason Pinter and visiting Australian Daniel Hatadi, founder of Crimespace
With Hatadi and St. Martin's Minotaur/Thomas Dunne editors Marcia Markland and Toni Plummer
On Tour 2008
At Foul Play, Westerville, OH
With Jim Huang at the Mystery Company, Carmel, IN
With Salmon Rushdie at Book Passage, Corte Madera, CA
With Barbara Peters of Poisoned Pen, Scottsdale, AZ
With Daniel of Clues Unlimited, Tucson, AZ
With Guppy Polly
Iyer in Charlotte
With Julie Compton at Urban Think, Orlando, FL
Book in good company
Books at Urban Think, Orlando, FL
Library book
Reader, Murder on the Beach, Delray Beach, FL
Mauney Library, Kings Mountain, NC
With Guppies Kate Lyons (to Liz's left),Terry Hoover (to Liz's right), and friends
With the Archers in Tucson
At the Edgars 2008
With Mary Higgins Clark
With Ken Bruen
With Craig McDonald
Mystery Lovers Festival of Mystery 2008 at Oakmont, PA
With Rosemary Harris & Barbara D'Amato
At Oakmont
With Rhys Bowen & Sally Wright

Malice Domestic 2008
Agatha Nominees

Liz, Beth Groundwater, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Nan Higginson
Liz & Nan Higginson
On panel with Dan Stashower, Penny Warner, Jack French, Nan Higginson
Susan Dunlap

Liz wins the contest for Most Creative Hat with her cha-POE

Edgar Allan Poe
Blood red rose
With Rosemary Harris & Hank Ryan

More of Malice

With Hank Phillippi Ryan, Roberta Isleib, Judy Clemens
With Jane Cleland & Louise Penny
With Kate Flora, Parnell Hall, Lorna Barrett, Carole Nelson Douglas: (back: Sheila Connolly, Dan Stashower, Hank Ryan, Lillian Stewart Carl)
Mary Jane Maffini & Sheila Connolly aka Sarah Atwell


With Krista Davis
With Meredith Cole
Daryl Wood Gerber & Nan Higginson
Meredith Cole, Catherine Maiorisi, Gigi Pandian
Judy Clemens & Sandra Parshall
Sasscer Hill
Peggy Ehrhart & Krista Davis
Lorraine Bartlett aka Lorna Barrett
Book Launch for Death Will Get You Sober, April 15, 2008
A crowd turns out to celebrate the launch and Liz's birthday
Ready to launch
The Mysterious Bookshop
A chocolate book has got to be good
With SJ Rozan
With Edgar nominee Reed Farrel Coleman
With Rosemary Harris
With Annette & Marty Meyers (Maan Meyers)
With Chris Grabenstein
With Ken Isaacson
Public Library Association (PLA), Minneapolis, MN 2008
Liz signs the first copies of Death Will Get You Sober at Sisters in Crime booth
Signing with SinC library liaison Mary Boone
With Barbara Fister
Carl Brookins and William Kent Krueger of Minnesota Crime Wave & Sisters in Crime
Libby Fischer Hellmann, past president of Sisters in Crime
Alex Sokoloff
Lois Greiman & Sujata Massey
Doris Ann Norris, the 2000 Year Old Librarian, chats with Sujata Massey & Susan Epstein of PLA
Mystery Writers of America at ALA
A group of writers from MWA's New York chapter went to Philadelphia for the midwinter meeting of the American Library Association. We met 10,000 librarians and gathered for dinner at Cordelia Frances Biddle's.
Signing with Helen Barer
Schmoozing with a librarian
Cordelia Biddle and Ken Isaacson
Talking with DH Dublin
Cordelia Biddle and Rosemary Harris
Marco Conelli
Jack Dobbyn
Launch for Murder New York Style
Partners & Crime, Greenwich Village's mystery bookstore, hosted the publication party for the anthology by members of Sisters in Crime's New York/TriState Chapter. Liz emceed the festivities.
Liz assigns publishing attorney Bob Stein to camera duty
Liz emcees the reading
With Daryl Wood Gerber
Robin Hathaway
Terrie Moran signs her story
Nan Higginson
Randy Kandel & Marge Mendel
Pearl Wolf reading
Lina Zeldovich reading
Meredith Cole, Liz in background

Photos by Cynthia Baxter and Bob Stein

Black Orchid Farewell Party
In spite of the sadness of mystery lovers in New York and beyond that the Black Orchid Bookshop is closing its doors, the farewell proved to be yet another of Bonnie and Joe's great parties.
Bonnie & Joe of Black Orchid
With Otto Penzler
Alafair Burke
Harlan Coben
Malice Domestic XIX, May 2007
Malice makes Liz happy
With Roberta Isleib and Judy Clemens
Donna Andrews
Susan Dunlap
With Wendy Howell Mills
With Alex Sokoloff
With Dilys winner Louise Penny
With Lillian Stewart Carl
Neil Plakcy and Deborah Turrell Atkinson bring Hawaii to Malice
Men of Malice: Dan Stashower and Hal Glatzer
Legendary St. Martin's editor Ruth Cavin
With Ruth Cavin
Liz laughs at her editor's jokes
Beth Groundwater
Carbs and Cadavers:show and tell
Beth Groundwater chats with Nancy Pickard

Nancy Pickards wins her third Agatha for Best Novel

Chris Roerden wins Agatha for Nonfiction

Best First Novel winner Sandra Parshall and Margaret Maron

Malice Domestic Best First Novel winner Meredith Cole and mom
LC Hayden wins Creative Hat
Creative Hat contender
Contender for Beautiful Hat
Rochelle Krich in Shabbos hat
Hart hat
Red hat
Black hat
Dressed to kill
Malice XIX
Edgars 2005
Edgars 2007
Edgars 2007: Black & white and read all over
Persia Walker
Sandra Brown & agent Maria Carvainis
Ken Isaacson & wife Sylvia
Jonathan Maberry, Bram Stoker award winner
With Otto Penzler and wife Lisa Atkinson
Mysterious Bookshop's Sally Owen & Lisa Atkinson
Edgars Week 2007 Symposium
With Harlan Coben & Edgar nominee Gillian Flynn
With Marcia Talley & Nancy Pickard
Edgars Week 2007 party at Black Orchid Bookshop
Declan Hughes
Laurie King & publisher Neil Nyren
Lee Child & Jason Starr
With Robin Hathaway
Camilla Trinchieri, aka Camilla T. Crespi, & Marty Meyers
Annette & Marty Meyers, aka Maan Meyers
Alison Hunsicker, wife of Harry Hunsicker
Books speak to Julia Spencer-Fleming
With Annette Meyers
A big night for launch parties: April 17, 2007
With Black Orchid owners Bonnie & Joe & Ken Isaacson
With Jane Cleland at Black Orchid
With Reed Farrel Coleman at Mysterious Bookshop
With SJ Rozan at Mysterious Bookshop
With MWA board members Jill Abbott & Chris Grabenstein
And more of the mystery world
With 2005 Raven winners Diane Kovacs & Kara Robinson 0f DorothyL
Sisters in Crime at BEA 2007
Karna Small Bodman
Peggy Ehrhart
Valerie Wolzien
With Meredith Cole
Liz plays Whack A Mole at launch of Chris Grabenstein's eponymous book at Partners & Crime, NYC
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