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Discussion Questions for Death Will Extend Your Vacation

1. Have you ever had a share in a vacation group house or any kind of communal living situation? What did you enjoy most about it? What kinds of problems arose? If you have never had this experience, would you like to? What would you expect to like most about it? What kind of problems would you anticipate?

2. The Hamptons, where Bruce and his friends spend the summer in this book, is a well-known area on Eastern Long Island. What does the term “the Hamptons” evoke for you? Have you visited the Hamptons? If you have not, what have you heard about it? Were you surprised in any way by the picture of the Hamptons presented in this book? How many different communities and lifestyles were represented in Death Will Extend Your Vacation? Which groups were you particularly drawn to or interested in?

3. One of the issues that presents possible motives for the murders is the conflict between developers and environmentalists. What are your views on this topic in general and in the context of the book? What were the various points of view presented? What do you think of how each side was presented? Have you ever experienced either development or environmentalism having an impact, positive or negative, on you or your family?

4. Bruce, his friends, and many of the characters of this book are recovering from alcoholism, codependency and other addictions and compulsive disorders. Did you find the portrayal of these people in recovery realistic? What did you learn that you didn’t know before about any of the disorders you read about, such as eating disorders and compulsive sexual behavior?

5. What did you think of the murder mystery plot? Did you find the murders and motives plausible? Did you figure out whodunit? Were you satisfied with the solution to the mystery?

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  Death Will Help You Levve Him Journey

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