ISBN: 978-0-312-37589-8

2008 David Award finalist for Best Mystery; Anthony Award finalist for Cover Design

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Don't drink...go to meetings... and investigate a murder.

The AA slogan takes a new twist when Bruce Kohler finds himself in detox on the Bowery and homeless alcoholics start to die. Bruce knows it's time to change his life, but he doesn't expect to be catapulted into a murder investigation.

When Bruce's buddy Guff becomes the latest victim, Bruce finds he cares enough to want to know why. Guff was a misfit on the Bowery: a down-and-out aristocrat with a trust fund and a dysfunctional Park Avenue family. Bruce has no time to get bored with sobriety as he tracks down friends, family, and fellow alcoholics who wanted Guff dead.

Bruce turns for help to two old friends of his own: his best friend Jimmy, a computer wiz and history buff who's been sober for many years, and Jimmy's girlfriend Barbara, a codependent addictions counselor who loves to mind everybody's business. Investigating may give their friendship a second chance as the trio hunt a murder all over New York City, from the church basements of AA to the corporate towers of Wall Street. As Bruce and his friends race to prevent more deaths, Bruce gradually comes back to life--a life he finds he wants when it's threatened by a killer.

What readers said about Death Will Get You Sober:

"I enjoyed the book so much that I bought two copies to give to my brothers who have been in AA for over 20 years each....I'm looking forward to seeing more of Bruce, Jimmy and Barbara."

"You are the first professional that I have come across that really seems to get it...I'm coming up on thirty five years of continuous sobriety....Will look forward to your next book...It would be fun to follow Bruce's progress in the program....thanks for a delightful read."

"I lent the book to a friend, who also couldn't put it down.... This is a really well-written story that nails the experience of alcoholism. It...get[s] the special nuance of alcoholism right and tells a story that hangs together even if you aren't connected to drinking.... I hope you will write more!"

"Everyone in our book club really liked your book.... your characters, their friendship, and their interactions. We look forward to your next installment since we want to know how Bruce does with his sobriety. And we really liked the Barbara/Jimmy relationship and in particular, Barbara's spunkiness. We hope Bruce's story can continue."

"It really is funny....I can't figure out which line makes me chuckle most."

"I was profoundly moved by the struggle of the recovering addict. I finally got what it means to crave something so bad for you."

"As a judge, my experience with the addicted is mostly with failure. Your characters seem universal to me but also unique and realistic.... They are also funny. I was entertained by your realism, and happy at your hopefulness."

"Realistic, direct, concise, droll--love it."

From a librarian: "I spent much of the time I read the book laughing, and I hope for a sequel."

From a clergywoman: "I loved it because the plot was well thought out and the representation of the journey to sobriety rang true to my experiences as a pastor."

"A great read, fast, funny, and worthy of an Agatha."

"Loved the characters and the smooth, page-turning style. I hope this is the start of a series."

"I wasn't sure I'd like a story about alcoholics in New York City. Boy, am I glad I tackled it! I found it page turning. I loved the characters. I loved the setting, gritty as it was, and I loved the plot. What a great writer!"

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