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Voyage of Strangers

Me Too Short Stories

Death Will Help ou Leave Him

Death Will Extend Your Vacation

Death Will Get You Sober

Liz is available to talk to book clubs, writers' groups, and the public on the following topics

It's Never Too Late to Be A Writer
The journey of a woman who said, "I want to be a writer," at age 7 and is one at 75, though nothing turned out the way she expected

Crafting the Mystery or Crime Short Story

The First Five Pages: What's wrong with a dark and stormy night? The five crucial elements of a good beginning

Storytelling 401: Taking Charge of Pace and Voice

Writing What You Really Want to Write

What's A Nice Jewish Girl Doing in the Sultan's Harem?

What Really Happened When Columbus "Discovered" America
The expulsion of the Jews, the genocide of the Taino, and it wasn't the Italians

Cultural Relativism and the Outsider Perspective

Why She Can't Throw the Bum Out: What Keeps People Stuck in Bad Relationships

Against the Grain: Unlearning What We Know About Relationships

Therapy, Recovery, and Finding Out Whodunit

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